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Soufli Municipality

The Soufli Municipality belongs to the regional unit of Evros of the Region of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace. It covers an area of 1323.72 square kilometers. Its capital is Soufli. It is located 65 km north, northeast of Alexandroupolis. Soufli is only 500 meters west of the Maritsa River (Evros).  It consists of the municipal units of Orpheus, Soufli and Tychero.

Soufli was first mentioned by the Turkish traveler Evliya Celebi in 1667 under the name Sofulu. Archaeological finds confirm that the area was inhabited during the Hellenistic period. Soufli was a village free from the taxes of the then Ottoman Empire. It began to flourish in the 19th century, and was an important commercial center. The creation of the railway station in 1872 contributed significantly to its economic development. Its population was growing dramatically and while in 1877 it had around 4,680 inhabitants in 1908 it rose to 12,000-13,000. Soufli is known mainly for its silk, 4 factories are created, but it is not the only occupation of the residents.

On the territory of the municipality, there is the very important habitat of Dadia, as well as the fossilized forest of the Filakto, the best preserved in Europe. In addition to the natural environment, the area is recognizable for its highly developed cultural element.

Most of the population of the municipality of Soufli is engaged in agricultural activities while there are some processing units.

You can read more on the Website of Soufli Municipality.