Dadia Forest Images
Characteristic Images of Dadia Forest
Fire Detection System Images
Images of the Installed Fire Detection System

Project Objectives

In order to enhance the effectiveness of biodiversity protection system, the project will act mainly upon these targets:

Prevention: Firstly, the public will be informed about activities that are dangerous to the environment, especially to biodiversity (possible causes of fire) and how to deal with those dangers if they occur. Secondly the monitoring of the protected areas will act preventively for fires and for illegal activities that are a danger to biodiversity

On time detection of the danger: Through the monitoring system and the drafted risk assessment the fires will be detected on time and the danger will be confronted early. So, the protected areas will be effectively managed and protected from fires whose frequency is increased because of the climate change

Effective crisis management: The fire department will have in real time an integrated image of the fire and it will intervene effectively against the danger

Based on the above the project objectives are the following:

  1. Improving the management and protection of the protected areas (especially for the protection of the biodiversity) through the continuous monitoring of the areas and the better management of fires (prevention, in time detection, crisis management, risk assessment).
  2. Public awareness about the need for environmental and biodiversity protection and the prevention of dangers.
  3. Consolidation of security sense in the protected area against fire danger and illegal activities. Consequently, the lawful entrepreneurship in the area will be improved, especially eco-tourism and eco-production, by monitoring and limiting of illegal activities.
  4. It is vital for this pilot project to be expanded in other protected areas in the cross-border area. Most area habitats have high cross-border connectivity and a fire can expand to other areas.