On February  17th, 2020 in Bulgaria, town of Haskovo, in the Town hall, on the 3rd  Floor, the Fifth Meeting of the Partners was held, WP1 on the Project “High Technology for protection of Biodiversity through early fire detection in high significance protected forest areas” (Project Acronym: FIRE DETECTION).

The goal of the meeting was to discuss partners’ commitments and responsibilities for the implementation  of project activities,  the progress they have made and the next steps that  must be made, the additional activities that could be implemented, the presentation of the Haskovo’s Fire Detection system and exchange ideas and experiences among the members of the Bulgarian and Greek Project Teams.

The Meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Stanislav Dechev – Haskovo Mayor
  • Mr. Panagiotis Kalakikos – Soufli Mayor
  • Mr. Valentin Spendzharov – Bulgarian project manager,
  • Mrs. Svetlana Madzharova – Bulgarian Financial Manager
  • Mr. Athanassios Gouridis - Head of the Direction of the Municipal Technical Service
  • Mr. Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos – Greek project manager and financial manager,


The Third Meeting had the following agenda:

  1. Official welcome by the Mayor Stanislav Dechev
  2. Discussion of the tasks of the partners in the Project and the progress they have made;
  3. Discussion on the specifications of the deliverables that must be delivered and the timetable of the implementation;
  4. Discussion on the progress of the current and forthcoming initiatives;
  5. Discussion on the additional activities that could be implemented both partners agreed that the biggest necessity for the Forest protection from the fires is the procurement of backhoes, one for each Municipality. The capability of both Municipalities, Soufli and Haskovo, concerning forest fires confrontation, will be increased due to the specific possibilities of these machines. Their multi task character makes these machines ideal for forest fires prevention and extinguishing. Since the overall objective of the project could be summarized to: Prevention, On time detection of the danger and Effective crisis management concerning forest fires, the new Backhoes will support the efforts of the Municipalities to the directions of Prevention of forest fires and Effective crisis management. For this reason and within the framework of “Fire Detection” project, they decided to submit an application for additional procurement of 2 backhoes (one for each Municipality) plus the additional management cost for each partner. The implementation period of these additional activities could not exceed 12 months. Soufli Municipality as Lead Beneficiary undertakes to submit the application for the above-mentioned additional activities.
  6. The Haskovo Municipality representatives, present to the Soufli Municipality representatives their Fire Detection System and they analyzed its operation and all the issues of its installation and set-up.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Stanislav Dechev thanked the guests for their participation in the Meeting and expressed assurance that it will contribute to successful project implementation.


Haskovo February 17th, 2020

 Approved By:

 Stanislav Dechev

 Panagiotis Kalakikos

 Valentin Spendxharov

 Vescislava Antonova

 Athanasios Gouridis

 Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos