On March  13th, 2019 in Bulgaria, town of Haskovo, in the Town hall, on the 3rd  Floor, the fourth Meeting of the Partners was held, WP1 on the Project “High Technology for protection of Biodiversity through early fire detection in high significance protected forest areas” (Project Acronym: FIRE DETECTION).

The goal of the meeting was to discuss partners’ commitments and responsibilities for the implementation  of project activities,  the progress they have made and the next steps that  must be made and exchange ideas and experiences among the members of the Bulgarian and Greek Project Teams.

The Meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Valentin Spendzharov – Bulgarian project manager,
  • Mrs. Svetlana Madzharova – Bulgarian Financial Manager
  • Mr. Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos – Greek project manager and financial manager,
  • Ms. Fani Mamatsopoulou for Record keeping.


The Third Meeting had the following agenda:

  1. Official welcome by the Mayor Mr Belivanov
  2. Discussion of the tasks of the partners in the Project and the progress they have made;
  3. Discussion on the specifications of the deliverables that must be delivered and the timetable of the implementation;
  4. Discussion on the progress of the current and forthcoming initiatives;
  5. Greek partner would like to make a modification of the publicity measures and specifically the part that concerns the events in the schools of Soufli Municipality. Following the contacts with the Primary schools and secondary school's Evros administrations the experts of these administrations proposed some changes on the implementation of these events. These proposed changes could be done without any changes on the project budget and the expenditure categories budget. Only some modifications on the description in the Application Form are required. After an extend discussion both project partners agreed on the necessity of the changes and the modifications on the Application form.
  6. Also both partners, after careful examination of the program time schedules, the actual situation of the project implementation and the unexpected delays, they decided to apply for an one year extension of the project implementation period in order all the activities to be implemented as better as possible for the scope of the project.
  7. Haskovo Municipality proposes a modification in the budget of the project concerning addition of budget lines connected with the implementation of the project activities. According to the Bulgarian Law for the construction of buildings, towers etc, all investors should are obliged to appoint construction supervision and author's supervision during the implementation of the construction works. This costs were not included in the JoB of the project and but we could not continue with the construction works if we do not appoint responsible for these activities external contractors. Haskovo Municipality selected these contractors in accordance with the Public Procurement Law and signed contracts. The amount of the contracts is as follows: 2.086,07 Euro for construction supervision and 3.607,68 Euro for author's supervision. Since Haskovo Municipality has accomplished savings from the contracts for the construction of the fire detection system and adjoining infrastructure, the car with a basket crane and the publicity measures and training packages of 77.096,50 €, we ask for modification of the budget in order 5.693,75 Euro to be transferred from category “Infrastructure and works” to the (new) category “External Expertise and Services” in the deliverable 3.2.1. After an extend discussion both project partners agreed on the necessity of the changes and the modifications on the Application form.
  8. Specifying the schedule of the planned joint meetings; The next (fifth) meeting will take place in Soufli in July 2019.

At the end of the meeting Mr. Valentin Spendzharov thanked the guests for their participation in the Meeting and expressed assurance that it will contribute to successful project implementation.


Haskovo March 13th, 2019


Fani Mamatsopoulou


Approved By:

 Valentin Spendxharov

Svetlana Madzharova

 Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos