On December 4th, 2017 in Greece, town of Soufli, in the Town hall, on the 1st Floor, the First Meeting of the Partners was held, WP1 on the Project “High Technology for protection of Biodiversity through early fire detection in high significance protected forest areas” (Project Acronym: FIRE DETECTION).

The goal of the meeting was to discuss partners’ commitments and responsibilities for the implementation of project activities and the progress they have made, together with the members of the Bulgarian Project Team.

The First Meeting was attended by:

  • Mr. Athanasios Gouridis – Representative of Soufli Municipality,
  • Mr. Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos – Greek project manager and financial manager,
  • Mr. Valentin Spendxharov – Bulgarian project manager,
  • Ms. Vescislava Antonova – Bulgarian Financial manager and
  • Ms. Fani Mamatsopoulou for Record keeping.


The First Meeting had the following agenda:


First day Workshop of the project’s partners – LP and PP2:

  1. Official welcome by the Mayor Mr Poulilios
  2. Discussion of the tasks of the partners in the Project and the progress they have made;
  3. Discussion of the current and forthcoming initiatives;
  4. Discussion of the action plan and specification of the dates that the deliverables must be delivered;
  5. Specifying the schedule of the planned joint meetings; The next (second) meeting will take place in Haskovo at the beginning of April 2018.
  6. Approval of the proposed, by the Greek team, modification of the Greek project specifications and Budget in order 2 detecting cameras to be installed in 2 different positions accepting that it is extremely necessary for the better fire detection, due to uneven terrain of the area.


Second day study visit

On December 5th, 2017 the Bulgarian and Greek representatives visited the National Park of Dadia – Lefkimi – Soufli that is subject for protection under the project FIRE DETECTION.  


At the end of the meeting Mr. Athanasios Gouridis thanked the guests for their participation in the First Meeting and expressed assurance that it will contribute to successful project implementation.


Soufli December 5th, 2017


Fani Mamatsopoulou



Approved By:

Athanasios Gouridis

Valentin Spendxharov

Vescislava Antonova

Triantafyllos Mamatsopoulos