Dadia Forest Images
Characteristic Images of Dadia Forest
Fire Detection System Images
Images of the Installed Fire Detection System

Project Overview

The FIRE DETECTION Project aims to the protection of the local biodiversity from forest fires and other threats. Soufli and Haskovo Municipalities have, in their territory, large protected areas, characterized as Natura 2000 areas, which are valuable resources to them and ecosystems of high significance for all Europe. These biotopes support unique or rare Fauna and Flora and many protected and endangered species.

One of the most serious threats for these forest habitats is the fire. Forest fires are expected to be more frequent and destructive, as climate change intensifies. Illegal human activities are also important threats.

The FIRE DETECTION project leans in three pillars for the protection of Biodiversity from forest fires and other threats:

  1. Prevention through public awareness, risk analysis and protected areas monitoring
  2. On time detection of the danger through monitoring system consisting of high technology fire detecting cameras
  3. Effective crisis management through real time integrated image of the fire given by the high technology cameras

A total of approximately 70000ha in Greece and 70000ha in Bulgaria will be protected from fire and illegal human activities and thus better managed. Among them approximately 40000ha in Greece and 10000ha in Bulgaria are Natura 2000 areas.

Up to now the monitoring of these forests, concerning fire detection is performed by human watches, mainly during summer. With the FIRE DETECTION project, a powerful tool (detecting cameras) will be used for forest monitoring all over the year, detecting not only fire but illegal human activities as well.