Dadia Forest Images
Characteristic Images of Dadia Forest
Fire Detection System Images
Images of the Installed Fire Detection System

Project Outputs

The project’s main outputs are the mean to achieve the project’s objectives.

To achieve the objective

“Improving the management and protection of the protected areas”

the following outputs are needed:

  • Monitoring system with fire detection technology

The system will monitor efficiently the protected areas mainly from fires. Each fire detection system has the ability to locate a threat in a range of 15km (surface of 70.650ha). For inspection and maintenance of the systems a basket crane (with car) and a 4x4 pick-up car will be purchased.

  • Drafting of risk assessment

The protected areas will be assessed and the sectors with the bigger possibilities for a fire will be the result. The fire detection system based on the assessment will focus more frequently in these sectors and thus improve the protected areas’ management.

To achieve the objective

“Public awareness”

Various information and publicity activities, including an informative campaign to schools, will be undertaken. In this way, the public will be informed about the operation of the monitoring system and about the environment and biodiversity protection.

To achieve the objective

“Consolidation of security sense in the protected area against fire danger”

A capability analysis, concerning utilizing the monitoring system for other purposes than fire detection, will be drafted. The monitoring system can also detect illegal activities (another danger to biodiversity). Consequently, without the fear for fires and illegal activities, the conditions for living and entrepreneurship in the area will be improved.

To achieve the objective

“Pilot project expansion in other protected areas in the cross-border area”

To evaluate the transferability of the project a study will be elaborated that will assess the project results and the possibility of extending the project to the rest cross-border area.